Friday, 5 July 2013

kelly Tarlton

It was a beautiful day the sun was shining and team 4 were off to Kelly Tarltons. “Line up at the door, it’s time to go to the hall” said Miss Lavakula. Miss Garden said the prayer for us to have a safe and happy day. I was excited as we climbed on the bus. When we got to Kelly Tarltons Room 13 and 16 went to the school room. A lady called Janice was there. She talked to us about lots of different things that are in Antarctica. She told us about Scott Base. It is painted green because it reminds them about the grass in New Zealand. Janice dressed Promise in clothes they wore in Antarctica in the old days. He had on brown baggy pants and top, a balaclava, deerskin gloves and boots. He looked very cool. “I bet he is hot” I thought to myself. We left the classroom and went to Okahu Bay park to have our morning tea. we had to walk in the wet grass and then we had our lac After that we went to the park and then we went on the fly fox. We walked back to the Kelly Tarltons and then we saw a Shark car and it was cool. When we walked around, we saw a big fish and then we went to see the penguins and it was cool. And then we went to see the big Octopus and it was big. We went to see the Seahorses and they were very small. There was an electric eel and they were big. I saw a Shark it had big teeth.