Tuesday, 26 August 2014


BMXing is going to become a Commonwealth game in 2018. The person that made up this idea was Taiaha that lives in Auckland in GI.

In this event you have to do heaps of tricks. The equipment is a BMX and a hat to keep you safe.

For the venue you need a skatepark. For the players you need a 2 person to play in this game. For the rules you have to not push the person. If you push the other person you are out of the game and you are not allowed to take the chain of their bike.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

What is Culture?

What is culture?
Culture is when you speak a different language. It makes countries special. In Cook Island culture we eat raw fish, puka puka which is a purple fruit and crab.

Different countries have different cultures. In Japanese culture the old people wear a kimono, put flowers in a vase and drink tea.

Fraser Williamson Art

I have been learning about Fraser Williamson. He is an illustrator for kids books. I have looked at one of his pictures and written what I saw. Here is my sentence.

A  green blue tree with a bird pecking out from behind the leaves.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Commonwealth Report

We have been learning about reports. I have written about a Commonwealth Sport called Rugby Sevens.

Rugby Sevens

What is rugby?
Rugby sevens is a team sport. There are 2 teams of seven on the field. They play 2 halves of 7 minutes each. Each team tries to score points and beat the other team. Everyone in the team has a different job.

What equipment do they use?
They have a mouth guard, kicking T, a goal post and a rugby ball rugby boots

What positions do they play?
They have a hook, winger, front right centre and props. They play on different parts of the field.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Add hundreds tens and ones

I have been learning to add hundreds tens and ones.

Advice column

I have been reading a story about this girl that wasn't fit. She wanted to be fit so she could make it into the rugby team for the school. This is my advice to Ruby.

Friday, 1 August 2014

The commonwealth games


The commonwealth games is about making history in 1946 we did have the commonwealth games because there were war and the first commonwealth in
1930 in Canada. 11 countries took 400 people to the games to compete in 6 different sport and 59 events. the games are played every 4 years.

The commonwealth games has changed a lot even the name of it. In 1930 to 1950 it was called the British Empire Games. Next it was called the British Empire and Commonwealth Games .

Then it was called the British Commonwealth Games and now it is called The Commonwealth Games.