Monday, 22 February 2016

Friday, 19 February 2016

Taiaha story

A day at school there were some boys one boy was jack and the other one was called james they were Walking down the hallway and they saw a zombie the zombie called smell them. Then the two boys were running fast as then they went to the teacher and they were zombies two.

Then they tried to go out of the school but the gates were locked so they hide in the sports shed and they got some bats then they run out of the school and they were killing the zombies then jack got the bat and hit the lock off. Then the ran away

Taiaha Narrative

Once Upon a time There was a little boy and a dad but the little boy was shy. They were trying to swim to a boat there is nothing around them it is just the blue sea and a blue sky. When they got on the boat they went to a island When they got to the island they were trying to find some food on the trees and the boy find a river and the boy went to the dad and the boy told the dad that he find a river. Then they were trying to catch some fish. Later that day they made a fire and cook the fish on the fire then they made them their own home so they can sleep. The next day they went to the river and got some water then a big loin came at the back of them and the little boy got eat but then the dad was running away from the lion but then the dad hide in the tree then the loin run away. After that the dad went back to the river and he buried the boy in the grunde the end

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Taiaha reflection

looking back to last year when I was a year 7 I really liked last year. I liked that we went to the pools and had a lot of fun activities. I also liked zeal zone we got to make anzac cookies and it was nice. I also was playing rugby league and rugby union. It was fun when we went to the paraki pools we got to go down the slide. I also liked maths and reading with my friends. My goal for this year is to be more better at my reading and writing. My highlight was maths, speaking maori and prize giving. But really I want to be good and don't be naughty at school cause I was very naughty at school last year. This year I'm looking ford to go to year 8 camp and go on the zip line cause it looks cool.