Friday, 14 October 2016

Immersion asembly

On monday we had a Immersion assembly and the korero for this term is ch ch ch ch changes. Mr Burt was making pancake. Then we had to sing the national anthem. After that we Mrs Burt said It’s time for team 1. Team one's movie was about witches making a cake out of grass, drink, then she took out the pot and put it in a fake avon and it was done. Then it was teams 2 turn to go on the stage. They did about how things can clout on water the used a rock, ball, human boy, then they throw all of the stuff  it into the water and only the ball floated.

Then it was time for team 3 to go on the stage. But first the showed us a video a the they were using was baking soda, food coloring, milk and dishwashing liquid and they were finished. Now it time for team 4 did mythbusted but it was with Mr Goodwin & Mr sunville. It was about busting things. After that it was team 5 and we did can Mrs Tele’a did can you pop a water balloon over her without getting wet but she got wet. Then it was Miss berry did can you see fizz out of a can of drink she did see it then she didn't. Then it was Miss clark's turn if ice can go down her back without flinching but she flinched The end.