Friday, 11 March 2016

Addition with doubles and five

The hwak

Walking down the deserted, narrow street, two boys got the fright of their life when a hawk swooped down towards their heads. They glanced up just in time to see. It had a big nose and sharp claws and it had big eagle eyes. It was gliding in the hot sun then it went on the street lamp and the big hawk pooped on them it looked white but the two boys got angry. After that it went to the creek and the two boys were running after the bird then the bird flyer to the hill. Then the two boys went to there dad home and they jumped on the mountain bikes. They were doing wheelies while they were chasing the bird then the boy got there toy gun and shoot the bird. Then they got the bird but it was still alive then they shoot the bird again then they took it back to it nest then the whole family. Was they then the two boys went back on the bikes. The family was chasing the two boys and they went through the park and went to there dads house and they locked all of the doors and windows. Then they went back outside and they were playing on the bikes and they ride to there friends house and they played black ops 2. But then it was getting late so they went back to their dad's house but then they saw the hawk staring at them they boost it on the bikes. When they got home they had nightmares of the hawk. Then it was the next day they were mowing the lawn but then the boy ran over a hawk. Then they were finished the lawn then they went back inside and they wash them self. then they were playing on there game.

Poster fiafia

This is a poster abaut fiafai me and my firend did it.

Friday, 4 March 2016


One day I went to pt england beach with my mates. When we got there we got change in the bathroom then we went to the cliff and did some bombs. We did some Manus,V bomb,Staples and Gorillas When we were doing some bombs we saw a man fishing with a big silver hook shiny as a chrome lamborghini car he caught a big fish After that we had some ice blocks but they were mountain but we were hungry. But then a man gave us some fish and it was nice. After that we were doing some more bombs but then the man lift his hook then we gave it back to him. Then these boys came and they wanted a fight then my friend fighted him and my friend hooked him in the face. Then we jumped on the the bike and went to my house and we were playing black ops 2 and we were playing some 1v1. After that we were doing some bombs at my house but we were manele doing some staples. After that we were watching fish hook and it was funny.Then we were watching brotown and Jeff the maori was pro the end.