Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How students get to school.

There are more grils than boys that go to school motor car.
There are no boys that bus to school
There are no grils that bike to school
More boys waik to school than grils
More boys go to school than girls

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to plant beans seed.

How to Plant Bean Seeds You will Need potting mix bean seeds plant pots Instructions 1. First you need potting mix to pot in the pot. 2. You need 2/3. in the pot. 3. Then you put in your beans in the pot. 4. Then I water the beans and then we put more potting mix on top of the beans. 5. Then we lived the pot in the sun to grower.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The spider

1. Why do spiders make webs? they make webs to catch insects 2. How do the insects get stuck in the web? they jump or fly into it 3. Why doesn’t the spider get stuck? they have tiny drops of glue on them 4. What are 2 things that can break webs? big insects or wind can snap it 5. What does the spider do when a web is broken? fix the broken part or start all over again 6. What are webs made of? they are made out of silky thread 7. How long does it take to spin a simple web? 1/2 and orwer

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The pool

In the weekend I went to the skate park and when I got there I saw my friend and when I got to the skate park and it was cool there was heps of people there and then I went to the ramp and was cool when I went down it was a little bit fun. Then I went to my friends house and we played on his x box 1 and we played call of duty and then I went to GI. With my friend and we had Mc Donalds and it was nice and I went home and had a sleep in my bed and then I went to pools and. We were doing some bombing and we went in the warm pool and I went to water full and it felt nice and then I went home to which TV and I which regular show and it was funny and then I went to make a jam sandwich and it was nice as. Then I went to the play grad and we went on to the slide and it was fun and then I went to the skate park and I had my bike to and it was a red line b m x and it went fast as and I Dana a bunny hop. It was the best day ever.