Friday, 4 November 2016

Taiaha Rewriting instructions

Instructions should have clear, simple steps so you don’t confuse the person reading them.
Can you make these various instructions easier to understand?

Pick up an egg, gently hit it against the side of a bowl and empty the contents into a clean bowl.
Pick up a egg and hit on the side of a bowl and empty it in a clean bowl.
Open the fridge and take out the butter. Take off the lid. Get a knife and use it to scoop some butter. Rub the knife onto the toast.
Go to the fridge and get the butter. Take off the lid and get a knife and use it to scoop a bit of butter and smooth it out.
Hold the two shortest sides of paper and bend them together. Squeeze them so that the paper is now in half.
Get a small paper fold the side then squeeze it together then fold it in half.
When you hear the sound of the whistle, move one leg in front of the other as quickly as you can.
Can you hear that sound whistling move one leg in front then move as fast as you can.
When player One had rolled the die, they should hand it to player Two, who should then roll it too. The person with the highest score moves their counter first.
when player one rolled the die, he should
Have hand it to the other player then
player two rolled it too the person with the highest score shift counter first.   
If you want to turn on the computer, look for the round, lack power button and press it once.
If you want to on the computer, look at the back of the computer. Then press the button to turn it on.   
Hold the handles of the scissors and cut along the dotted line, making sure you don’t hurt yourself.
Grasp the tip of your trimmers and slice around the dotted line be careful and don’t injury yourself.
Before you start mixing the ingredients, switch on the oven and turn the dial to 140 degrees.
Before you begin turning the ingredients shift on the heater on a 140 degrees.  
Take the lid off the glue stick and rub the glue on the tab, being careful not to get any glue on your clothes.
Take the lid off your paste and smooth it on the tab,and be cautious to not get it on your attire.
When you have planted your seed, pick up the pot and move it it near to a window where it will get lots of sunlight.
When you have put your seed in the bowl shift it on the side of the window near the sunlights