Tuesday, 14 June 2016

In the weekend

In the weekends I went to my other nans and we went to the movies and we watched angry birds. It was a funny movie then we went to Mcdonald's and I had a burger and it was nice. When we got home I had a sleep. Next day We went to kmart and bought some new clothes. When we were finished we went to mcdonald's again and I had the same thing. Then we went home and watched tv and then I was playing on our ps3 and I was playing nba 2k15 and it was cool then I went to go and ride my bike. When I got back I went and played basketball and it was fun and then I went home and we to sleep. After that I went outside and feed the dog and a water then we went to have some food then i had a shower. After when I had my shower we went to rebel sports and buyed a new hat and a new basketball.Image result for nba 2k15 stephen curry wallpaper

Thursday, 9 June 2016

AL7 & 8

This is a photo of our Al 7 & 8 these are our aspring leaders.