Thursday, 31 October 2013

At Ambury farm

On Wednesday our Literacy group went to Ambury farm We went on the van and we went Ambury Farm. Mr. Jacobsen took us to Ambury farm. When we got to the farm we saw the cows get milked. We got to pat the cow and it felt smooth. Then we saw the sheep and they were cool. We saw the piglets and they were cute and then we saw a big bird and it had colourful wings. After that we went to see the bull and it was big as. Then we had lunch. After we had lunch we went to see the sheepdogs. After that we went on the van to see the horses After we saw the horses we went back to school.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

the plane

One day there was a little girl and a mother and a little boy and they were at to the park. The little boy was running with his mother and flying his plane and they were holding hands. After that he threw his plane into the air and then it got stuck in the tree and the wing broke. They took it home so his Dad could fix it.

Friday, 25 October 2013

At the prak

One day there were three children and their names were James, Sam and Olivia and they were going to the park with their Mum and Dad. When they got to the park they went on to the slide. They went on the slide and James fell off and broke his arm and leg and Sam and Olivia ran to their Mum and Dad. Dad said, “ James has broken his arm and his leg. He picked up James and took James to the hospital and got his arm and leg checked out. While the doctor checked his arm and leg he was crying for his Mum and Dad.

Cat in the tree

One day there was a girl and her name was Katie. She was walking and she saw a cat stuck up in the tree. She ran home to get her Dad. He got a ladder and she got her cat down and they went home with the cat.

My alphabet key

Here is my alphabet key presentation for our topic What in the world is going on?