Monday, 11 April 2016


In the morning we had Mr Patterson coming to pt england school to see the year 7,8. And he came with two other people and they names were kenese & Arizona and they were talking about there life. Arizona was working for disneyland and she showed as a video of disneyland she inspired me. Then it was kenese turn and he was brought up with know dad and he had a single mum then they moved to new zealand to get a better life and he inspired two.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Taiaha FiaFia

It was fiafia on Thursday (7th of April) and I was in the kapa haka group. Then our maori teacher buyed some cook island donut and we had some sausage sizzel two and it was nice. Then Mrs Burt said the kapa haka group had togo to the library an get chages. An we had to put some baby oil then we put on our costumes. Then we had to get in our lines then we went out side to the stage. An everone had goosebumps Then we went on to the stage and we did our iteam at the end we had to do the haka. Then we sat down on the mat and watched the other iteams.