Thursday, 30 October 2014

British empire

We have been reading about the Victorian Age. We found out that children used to learn which countries were part of the British Empire by looking on a map. All of the countries in the British Empire were red or pink. I have highlighted the countries in the British Empire during the Victorian Era in red or pink.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My holiday

My Holiday  

Me and my cousin was playing black ops 2 and  we were playing online. When I was playing my level was nuketown. My cousin and my two uncles an aunty were
watching us play.

We went to otara pool we went there for fun. Then i went on the slide and i was speeding down the slide and i crashed into my cousin. After that i was feseing and went to go get change.
After that we went shopping and i got me same new pair of shoes and my shoes were nike free run
then we went home and got ready to go to the movie.

After that we got our popcorn and watch the
and i was excited to watch the movie after that
we went home and went to sleep.